This Club Card helps us each do our part to help local food security. Please read on to learn more and join.


Who should join the Club?

Niagara residents who support local commerce


How much does it cost? 



What you can use it for?

The Community Club Card can be used at various locations/small businesses across the region starting later this fall.

Currently, our card can help reduce the costs of ALL of our products, as well as the various goods being offered from multiple vendors who sell or are about to sell on our site. The Community Club Card also provides to direct access to our local delivery network.


Your Club Card

Once you JOIN THE CLUB online here, you will be sent a Club Card in approximately 1 month’s time, with your order.

You may begin to use this card at all participating locations/businesses within the Niagara region, starting Oct/Nov, 2020.



How to join

Sign up and register your Club Card online



What happens next? 

Please be patient with us a little while longer while we continue our efforts to increase local spending. This is unfolding in real time so what that means is we have to build this, step by step. Me and YOU. Any and all help from our community would be fantastic.

Please email us if you know of any vendors and/or other people like yourself, who want to help create a more reciprocal society.
How we all got here matters. Who you are matters. Imagine if we each just did a little bit...

Currently your club card will provide you with discounted access and delivery of as many local products as we can possibly add.

Our primary focus is to increase local production and distribution, so we are always going to be looking for product that is either made, grown, or retailed in, the Niagara region and surrounding areas.

This website acts as a unified online sales channel. Small businesses and farms are having a hard time competing with the larger corporations. Without marketing skills or an expensive website, businesses are failing. Our crew is working for local vendors who’d like help marketing and advertising their business. WHY? Because we see the value in a unified local sales channel, that celebrates our uniqueness, and increases local food production. HOW we are doing this is through the creation of ONE unified delivery network, used by MANY, to ultimately reduce carbon footprint and ensure sustainability.

And yes profitability. For our entire community. A self reliant food economy.

Know someone who might be interested in selling their products or services with us? Send us an email to, subject: Club Card and we will gladly follow up with more information.



Renewing your card

Your $45 membership fee will be charged annually from the date of your initial purchase.

Once you are a member, you can refer a friend and they will receive $30 off their first purchase. You will then receive $10 towards your order too, every time someone you've referred signs up.

Kinda like a job... But not. But it's like you'd be "getting paid" in vegetables if you kept signing people up...

And more people would be eating farm fresh food.

And farmers would be appreciated.

 How do I shop online as a Community Club Card Member?

Just as you would without it. But your price is always going to be discounted, as a thank you for all your support. From us to you.

We really are all in this together, but this is genuinely how we can DO SOMETHING about the current state we are in. FOR THE BETTER.

How does your delivery system work?

We deliver 3 days a week, between 4-7pm. Each of those days, we deliver to a different area within Niagara. Please check out our local delivery page here to find out which day your area receives delivery.

Pick up

Our Hub is open for curbside pick up only, (or Fruit Stand purchases), from 11-2pm Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

How does billing work? 

Once you subscribe to our veggie box, any other one-time items you purchase from our various vendors will be charged directly at the time of purchase, but they will still arrive with your following weeks delivery.

Your first subscription purchase will be charged immediately and all subsequent charges for subscriptions will occur early Sunday mornings.

All product additions, account or subscription changes need to be submitted by Saturday evening for your order the following week.

How do the farmers get paid?

Your subscription of our produce box helps us purchase more locally as a region. Purchasing power will increase local food distribution, as well as decrease costs. We hope to increase local spending drastically so we can help feed the many others in Niagara, who can't afford healthy food.
With such little local food, this helps us support small scale farmers, and distributors. It also allows for us to help move/utilize produce that might otherwise go to waste. Within this giant CSA model, our centrally located food hub provides a home base/distribution centre, which is now a functioning economic model/pilot project, helping to prove once and for all, small scale farms are how to feed the people.