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Welcome to Small Scale Farms Online Store!

New Products from your favourite local businesses are being added weekly. Please message us if you would like to start selling your products online with us. This is how we work together.

Niagara Region Deliveries only.

Introducing No Antibiotic, No Hormone, Local Meat from Kent Heritage Farms!

Next Delivery Date June 5 - Please note, meat is a separate delivery date from our produce boxes

We are a farm share community that gets local food onto the plates of Niagara residents. Those who can afford to pay - do. Please add your name to the waiting list above if you are interested in purchasing a produce box.

For those who can’t afford to pay, our paying customers help to pay for your box through the purchase of theirs. Thanks to them, food gets fed forward, to you. Please click here if you are in need of fresh produce.


What is Small Scale Farms?


Partnership with multiple local farmers and businesses. 

A local distribution channel for fresh produce.

Farm share, collaborative thinking.

Local essentials, ie assortments including produce, meat, bread, eggs, and prepared food packages. 

We can create affordable prices. Together.

We serve locally grown, herbal teas as well as farm favourites.

Please allow time for a response, we have been working hard to meet the demand but we are limited at this time.

Pollinator Partners

Whether you’re a business, organization, school, farmer, or individual – anyone can become a Pollinator Partner!

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Business Sign Up

This club card is a part of a regional wide awareness campaign designed to help increase local business. 

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How does it work?

Depending on what’s in season, and/or what’s available, we will be filling your crate/bag with as much local produce as we can get our hands on.
To help us make this model work, you are not able to customize your basket. You are however able to add to your delivery, multiple items including bread, eggs and more.

When can I expect my food to be delivered?

Food is set to be delivered on specific delivery days once you are on a subscription. If you order a trial, you can pick it up from the Food Hub on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 11-2pm. Cash or Etransfer. Just beep the horn and we will bring your order out to your trunk.

Can I temporarily pause my subscription?

You are more than welcome to pause your subscription at any time. You just need to log into your account. Be mindful to note if you have already paid for the following week's delivery, you will be pausing for the next week after that. 

What if I’m not home at the time of delivery?

For prepared meals you should be home for time of delivery. You can however leave us a cooler to put them in.
Produce crates same thing, if it’s hot out your produce will wilt.
Meat comes frozen. If you want to keep it frozen you should be home. Meat is delivered separately from produce.
Last but most important. Please leave your empty crate for us. It may not seem like much to you but this is a huge element of how our Food Hub functions.

Is there a membership fee? What for?

Yes. It is a one time fee of $45 to help us cover some of the cost of our new beautiful wooden crates 

built by From The Thicket in St. Catharines but it does take time, especially due to covid. Many of our customers have begun to receive their orders in our new crates however some of you will still be receiving your order in a brown paper bag until we have caught up. 

What do I get with my membership?

A Community Club Card.
This “card” enables you to purchase from local small businesses for a discounted price, as well as within our own online store.
Each vendor is deciding what they are willing to discount and exactly how much. This will greatly help with promotions for local goods and that is our main priority. To increase our self reliance on each other. Our own community can help itself.

Do you really give away 1 free box of vegetables for every box sold?

Yes. There are many people in Niagara who are struggling but there are many people working together to help reach them. We are working very hard to improve our efficiency but as of right now we have already delivered well over 1000 boxes of food, for free into our community.
Alongside those who NEED the food we are also gifting care packages to the hard working people in our community. We see you, and we appreciate you.

Are you looking for people to help?
Always. Please send an email to foodfedforward@smallscalefarms.ca if you are interested in getting involved.
Please just also understand we are looking for helpers who are solely there to participate in the give. What we are doing is not what you are used to. We want to build a food economy. We want to push past the obstacles. We want to be supportive of each other not judgemental. There are many of us who just want to work to make it better. If that is you come on in.

Billing: When will I be billed? 
If you are starting a subscription with us you will be billed the day you start. This price will include the $45 one time membership fee.
Your delivery date may be a couple days later. You may not receive your order in a crate straight away as it takes time for us to build them.
On the day you receive your order you will be billed on the same day for the next weeks order. 
This is due to the subscription app, our need for time to create the delivery routes, and because we sell out every week.