Small Scale Farms is a social enterprise focused on local food distribution. We recognize and work to improve local food production as an important ecosystem service, essential to human welfare.

We are so happy you are here. Thank you for joining us. So who are we? Small Scale Farms is a collaborative organization focused on creating a self-reliant food economy — working together to increase local food distribution. Bottom line? We want accessible, affordable healthy food for everyone. In the coming months we are gearing up to launch our brand new, regional wide collaboration project: Feed a Family. This website is merely a prelude! More details to come, thanks for your patience as we build both of our new sites. In the meantime we have some courses to launch, 1. New Bees, our new BEE course, and 2. HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN MEDICINE coming this June. Be sure to also check out our local Food Program! 


There is no reason for it not to be healthy. In fact, those who actually need it, will be the first to say they want a home cooked meal. Something they know is good for them. They don’t want crap food either.
Who does?


Each one of us here believes that everyone deserves to eat healthy. No matter how economically diverse we might be, we can make it the kind of world we want to see for ourselves.
Through the growing and purchasing of local food.
To us it just makes sense.


Local partnerships are the key to success. Create a Feed a Family team and for just $5 we will cook a healthy meal for someone in need, using existing food banks, shelters and group homes for distribution.


Learn what it is you can do to help save our precious pollinators. There are opportunities for partnerships and sponsorship’s. We offer courses on theory and practical application of backyard beekeeping and pollinator protection. We have Bee equipment for sales, and we install rooftop hives.

Let’s Learn Together

You’re Not Alone. We Are Here to Help!

Creating a self-reliant food economy takes hard work! Join us for our various workshops and let’s learn together all there is to know about homesteading, our ecosystem, farming local food and more!

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You can also join on Facebook Group “Friendly Neighbours of Niagara” to be a part of our ever growing conversation.

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