How does the produce box work?

Depending on what’s in season, and/or what’s available, we will be filling your crate/bag with as much local produce as we can get our hands on.

To help us make this model work, you are not able to customize your basket. You are however able to add to your delivery, multiple items including bread, eggs and more.

When can I expect my food to be delivered?

Food is set to be delivered on specific delivery days for your area once you are on a subscription.

How does the curbside ordering work?

If you order from our curbside products please come to the farm Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM till 3:00 PM to pick up your order. Just beep the horn and we will bring your order out to your trunk.

Can I temporarily pause my subscription?

You are more than welcome to pause your subscription at any time. You just need to log into your account, (head icon, top right of screen near menu). Be mindful to note if you have already paid for the following week's delivery, you will be pausing for the next week after that.

What if I’m not home at the time of delivery?

For prepared meals you should be home for time of delivery. You can however leave us a cooler to put them in. Produce crates same thing, if it’s hot out your produce will wilt. Meat comes frozen. If you want to keep it frozen you will need to be home to receive it, Small Scale Farms does not take responsibility for thawed meat if you are not home at the time of delivery. Last but most important, please leave your empty crate for us. It may not seem like much to you but this is a huge element of how our Food Hub functions.

Is there a membership fee? What for?

Yes the Community Club Card membership has a annual fee of $45 that allows us to serve you administratively while giving you exclusive member perks. This membership is optional but begins saving you money immediately upon purchase. 

What do I get with my membership?

A Community Club Card membership enables you to purchase from local small businesses and farms through at a discounted rate of up to 10% off.

What do I do with my wooden crate?

Subscribers will receive one of our branded handmade wooden crates, made by From the Thicket in St. Catharines. These crates are an integral part of our subscription delivery service and must be left out on your delivery day each week. We will exchange the crate with another that includes your order. Please return your crate if you stop your subscription for any reason. 

When will I be billed?

Billing for subscription customers happens early Sunday morning. Additional products ordered each week or curbside billing happens immediately upon purchase. Add any product to your subscription delivery each week before Saturday at midnight and you will receive your additional items with your produce box.

Are you looking for new volunteers?

Always. We want to build a food economy. We want to push past the obstacles. We want to be supportive of each other not judgmental. There are many of us who just want to work to make it better. Please fill out our volunteer application if you are interested in getting involved.

Are you looking for new vendors?

We are always open to considering new vendors and their products. Please fill out our vendor application if you are interested in selling your business's products on our website.