Local Distribution made Easy!

Delivery cost: 7.50 per week, (regardless of how many local vendors on our site you order from). 

Payment accepted: Etransfer, Visa, Mastercard, 

Delivery area: Niagara region

Delivery hours: 4-7pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday, weekly

All orders and changes must be submitted by Saturday for the following week.  

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Any questions please contact us at orders@smallscalefarms.ca


Why local? 

Protection of our Environment: 

Transportation of food from the producer to the food purchaser uses fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide, among other pollutants, which negatively impact our environment.

Reducing “food miles” through the optimization of a localized, regional distribution system, is an extremely logical way to reduce environmental damage.



There is a difference between produce that can be picked and eaten the same day, and produce that is picked before it is ripe, and transported hundreds or thousands of miles. Imported produce can have much lower levels of vitamins vs freshly picked fruit and vegetables, which contain maximum nutrients. 

In addition, food that is transported long distances is often preserved with wax, irradiation, gases and synthetic chemicals, such as fungicides and sprout inhibitors. This is something we must work to change. 


Cultural Impact:

Discovering local farms, and learning more about how their produce is grown, (connecting with people of similar interests) is quite simply enjoyable. It is through these small steps, we can each contribute towards the development of communities that are caring, connected and food secure.


Current State: 

It is expensive and time consuming for individual farmers to sell and transport product. Many farmers indicate a lack of marketing, sales and distribution skills.

Small Scale Farms purpose is to improve both availability and accessibility of local products, by way of an effective, local distribution model, which we now have and are excited to share with you!


How it works: 

    • Purchase your weekly produce subscription for just $40 or $60 per week. With every box sold, you are helping us to grow our model and support local farmers. In addition, your purchase provides 1 free bag of produce, to a resident within our community. 
      • Add on items: One time, local focused purchases include meat, bread, eggs, honey, clothing, cleaning supplies, (more products coming soon). Choose which items you would like to add to your order by each Saturday at midnight, for delivery the following week. 
        • Your first purchase will include all of your items, delivered right to your door, in a beautiful wooden crate made by From the Thicket in St. Catharines. This crate will be swapped out weekly, enabling our food hub to function at its highest capacity.

          Delivery hours: 4-7pm