Grocery Package A

$94.50 $119.50

We have been busy assembling local products from multiple farmers and vendors and are happy to announce our NEW GROCERY PACKAGES! 

We are combining our most popular products to create these various Grocery “Packages” for your local shopping convenience. 

Please note our website works on a weekly loop. All orders received before this Saturday at midnight will be delivered next week. Please see our delivery schedule on our website for more information. 

Package “A” contents 

  • 3 packs of all natural ground beef from Comfort Farms. No added hormones or antibiotics. Fed non GMO feed. 

  • 1 2L grass fed A2 milk from Walker Farms 
  • 1 500g raw, unpasteurized honey from a local beekeeper
  • 1 farm fresh dozen eggs from Packham Poultry
  • 1  2lb hand churned butter from Mr. Amish

  • 1 produce bag from Small Scale Farms 

Bulk Value $119.50


PACKAGE A Price: $94.50


That’s a $25 savings! 

Please note: Club Card Pricing not applicable. This product is already offering more than 10% off.  

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