Local CSA Info

Renee DelaneyJan 6, '21

What's happening to our Apples?

Renee DelaneyOct 14, '20

Concerns about the quality of grocery store fruits and vegetables are sparking interest in heritage/artisan and heirloom foods.   And that’s fantastic. But is it too late?   Let’s look to apples for perspective. North America was once home to 15,000 varieties and is now down to just 2500… with...

Welcome to Small Scale Farms!

Renee DelaneyOct 4, '20

We're so glad you are here. This is how we can best update you as to all the amazing things we have going on around the farm. Check back soon for more content!   

The Niagara Virtual Farmers Market is now LIVE

Renee DelaneyOct 2, '20

Niagara region, ON - Residents can now easily purchase a large variety of local food items from the comfort of their homes. “We’ve come a long way” explains Renee Delaney, owner of Small Scale Farms. “We started the Virtual Farmers Market to ensure producers and vendors have access to online...