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How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

How to Grow Potatoes in a Bucket

Welcome to our new blog on how to grow food.

I’ll be posting other people’s questions from the various groups I’m in on Facebook in the hopes this type of question and answer format helps more people decide to grow their own food. Plus I hope it helps to provide answers to some very common questions. 

Let's get started!

Facebook Post:


1st time trying to grow potatoes. I checked the buckets like 2 to 3 days ago and nothing had sprouted. I checked today and found this!

I've never grown them before so what do I do? I thought I was supposed to completely cover them in dirt. Watching YouTube nobody is covering them once they grow out of the dirt and they say no potatoes will be produced above the 1st dirt fill line. Since they are not all the same height I don't know how much dirt to use or what to do. Everyone says potatoes are the easiest veggie to grow but I'm so confused

Facebook Group: Raised Bed Gardening

Posted by: Brenda Greer


Top answers:

There are two types of potatoes. Determinate potatoes really don't need to be hilled. They produce potatoes in one single layer. Indeterminate potatoes, however, will set potatoes in several layers. Those you need to hill. Potatoes don't like warm roots either, shade the base of the pot if you can. Yield will suffer.
Kevin Fuhrman

"What I was going to do is add dirt to the top of the shorter plant leave the top leaves exposed. Then just keep doing that. Layering up till the plant seems to be “exhausted” i did get some potatoes my first experience. (I have done this twice) Last time fire ants liked the set-up too and built a mound to the top. The plants died. It was so frustrating I just gave up. I feel like I keep battling critters more than anything. Ants, dogs, cats, even birds. Not even including your common garden pests like worms and bugs. I don’t add insecticide at all".
Ba Shell

"They are stretching towards the light. Just add more soil to bucket. You will still get some potatoes. Growing veggies is a learning experience. Have fun".
Gracie Almanza Hinkle

It’s always good to check what other people are saying in regards to their experience growing food. If there are natural solutions, use them.

To a veterinarian grower, there are just a few rules.

Be Disciplined - regular care determines the beneficial outcome of each season.

Be Observant - paying attention to what’s happening as it’s happening, is both preventative AND provides the solution.

Be Obedient - Nature’s law must be followed. Step outside of those boundaries and there will be a consequence.

Moral of the story. Problems aren’t problems. They are solutions waiting to be found.

Renee Delaney
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