Pay What You Can Sponsorship


We are looking for 10 people or companies to sponsor our pay what you can day.

This Saturday, and every Saturday for the entire summer we are hosting a “pay what you can” produce bag - a brown bag full of fruits and veggies - for those who can’t afford the full price.

And while we generally rely on the sales from those who can afford to pay for the bag, we are looking to increase our reach.

There are so many people struggling right now, we can’t just do nothing. This is our way of giving back - but we’d love your help.

If you could find it in your heart, we’re asking you to please consider sponsoring our pay what you can day on the farm.


Your $1000 contribution helps us feed hundreds of people. Once purchased our team will be in touch to talk about whether or not you’d like your name or company mentioned on our multimedia platform. 

This sponsorship money goes directly towards not only the food but everything it takes to make these programs work.

We are off to a great start and have already fed thousands of people, we’re just hoping we can feed even more.

Plus? We’re buying from local farmers which also helps our community thrive.

It’s time Niagara! Let’s build.