Honey, Ginger, Lemon Tea


If you manage to make yourself even just one honey/ginger/lemon tea per week, I am 100% certain you would increase your strength, aka your immune system. Imagine if you had it even more often.

You would feel good.

Honey is antimicrobial (antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antimycobacterial).

And did you know ginger is used widely in Chinese medicine to raise your Qi and yang energy? It is known to be warming and many people use it as a digestive aid.

Lemon, I’m sure we all know lemon is very high in vitamin C. Throw in some cloves or cinnamon to provide yourself some variety - and added health benefits. 

I believe this is the power punch we all need to get through the winter. Plus it’s nice to take time in your day, to pour a cup of tea and just simply sit and enjoy it ♥️

Product details: You will receive one piece of organic ginger, two lemons and one 500g jar of local honey. 

Cut ginger into small pieces and simmer on a low boil for approximately half an hour, (if you like a strong ginger taste). Less time is still good but you want as much of that ginger as possible.

 Add honey and lemon to your liking.