Land Based Learning: Homesteading

$449.00 $549.00

June 16, 23, 24, 30, 

Homesteading is a life style of self-sufficiency and sustainability. It involves everything from growing your own food, to producing your own energy. This is where the course gets a little deeper into the “lifestyle”, and what it means to be both dependent on your community, and independent on your own.

What you’ll learn: learn to produce and provide all that you need to live. This includes the true basics of cooking from scratch, butchering, canning/pressure canning and preserving food, as well as the basics of natural medicines.

Course Fee:

Each module is being offered individually for $449 per module.

Complete certificate Course - See details here:

Please note: In person classes will take place on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays during the day, beginning June 16th.

Please also note: This is an active farming experience. Students will learn through doing, in kitchens, and/or outdoors, on the farm. Classroom, in person seminars will take place on either Friday evenings or Saturday during the day.