Blueberry Ghost Pepper PIE Hot Sauce


All the flavors of your favorite Blueberry PIE but with intense HEAT! Uniquely created to leave you wanting more and more! Made with wild blueberries, using only quality ingredients. This blend of our special Hot Sauce will sure stand out from a crowed.

It is designed to go amazingly well with breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, and even cocktails! Starts off with Blueberry Pie and ends with intense heat and pie! Its slow-release heat offers and enjoyable experience. Do not be fooled by its initial start! This is a must try, it will not let you down! Try it on chicken wings, ribs, vegetables, waffles, scrambled eggs, seafood, ice cream, cocktails, and much more!

Heat: Extra Hot


Made in Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Size/ Weight: 375ml 

Ingredients: Wild blueberries, Apple cider vinegar, Honey, Ghost peppers, Sea salt, Vanilla extract, cinnamon, Nutmeg 

Who is That Guy?
Gathering with family and friends, we always love to cook. Every time we would have people over, they would ask “Who cooked?” Response was always “Me and That Guy” (husband and wife). Since then, “THAT GUY'S '' has always stuck as a catch phrase.