Archery Lessons


Archery dates back almost 70,000 years and can be found across the world. It's one of the tools that has allowed us to move forward as a people and In its simplest form is just two sticks and a piece of string. But guaranteed that someone in your genetic line used that stick and string very effectively! Come and join us on the range and let that genetic memory bubble to the surface! Remaster your hidden skills as an Archer. Redefine what confidence looks like. Re wild yourself with us…and remember. There are no cave paintings of salads!

Details: Our head instructor has been teaching and training survival skills for over 30 years ranging from urban survival to bush and jungle survival skills. From shelter building to fire making and leaving no trace to animal tracking. Braidy also teaches organizations analytical skills for threat assessment and analysis and develops training programs and response mechanisms for risk management and mitigation. 

Join Braidy for an hour on the range and learn the basics of archery.

Archery 40.00/hour (13 and older)

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13145 Lundy's Lane
Thorold, ON