We Keep Growing

Small Scale Farms is about community.
For us, this means working together to grow and share healthy, local food so people eat well and farmers succeed.

Our new website is in "soft launch" mode this week. It's a chance for you to check out our new online marketplace, My Local Connection, and share your feedback before we go live.

Current customers can order as usual, here at Small Scale Farms. Next week, your subscription details will be transferred automatically to
the new site and your shopping experience with us
will be better than ever.

With a new online marketplace at My Local Connection, our Small Scale Farms website will become an education platform to help us grow more farmers. Because there will never be a shortage of people who need to eat. But there is a shortage of small scale farmers with the knowledge and skills to grow real food, rather than agricultural commodities that become packaged “food products”. 

Our Farm School curriculum will feature online instruction as well as practical land-based learning. We will teach you how to grow, harvest, preserve, and market food. Be first in line to learn the details when we unveil our Farm School curriculum, coming soon!