Vendor Application

Small Scale Farms is a collaborative infrastructure that recognizes local food production is an important ecosystem
service - essential to human welfare.

The main goal of this infrastructure/system is to increase the affordability and accessibility of local product.

An emphasis on local food distribution helps to provide healthy food to both paying and non paying residents through our Food Fed Forward initiative.

Covid - The increase in demand for locally produced food is widely acknowledged by industry, non-profit local food advocates, and government, now more than ever. However, the flow of product from farm to market has been significantly hampered by the lack of distribution infrastructure, (particularly for small and medium sized farms). 

Until now.

Helping farmers and local vendors and businesses market and distribute their products through an online, multi-vendor platform, with a centralized FOOD HUB / Distribution centre, increases local food production.

We welcome you to participate to create the necessary change we need to see in Niagara.


"I have known Small Scale farms for a while and they are just getting better and better! The vision to support local farmers with a decent living while feeding the people of Niagara healthy, properly grown food is a marvellous mission that will be wildly successful if we who benefit from it support it!"

— Facebook Review