Cranberry Pear Whole Fruit Balsamic Vinegar


Cranberry Pear Whole Fruit Balsamic Vinegar

The beautiful blush of cranberry is delicately kissed with pear purée. This balsamic is fruity yet tangy and the sweetness of pear perfectly balances the tartness of cranberries. Bright in flavour - the perfect addition to roasted root vegetables.


• Add to cranberry-apple relish or chutney

• Reduce and use as glaze for pork or lamb

• Blend with Blood Orange to baste poultry

• Add a splash to sparkling water or cocktails

• Mix with Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a fantastic vinaigrettealad

200 ml

Ingredients: Concentrated grape must, white wine vinegar, cranberry purée, pear purée. Contains naturally occurring sulphites

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Keto, Paleo, Chemical Free, Preservative Free

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