Tick, Mosquito, & Flea Repellent


All Natural Bug Spray - Tick, Mosquito, & Flea This bug spray is a must have for the whole family and the dogs! A fresh aroma of citrus and deep woods that you will love and bugs will hate. We are proud to say that our natural ingredients are safe for use on babies, children, pregnant, breastfeeding women, and dogs. This blend of oils is gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin. It works SO WELL to defend you and your family from ticks and mosquitoes. Feel good, smell great, be safe!

This bug spray is essential for every dog owner. Dogs love to play and roll around in tall grass - a favourite spot for ticks. Our natural repellent will help prevent ticks and fleas from getting on your dog and into your home. Dogs are more sensitive than humans to smells and essential oils, for this reason our tick and flea repellent is gentle enough for even the best noses. All essential oils used are 100% doggy friendly - and will work to keep YOU safe from ticks and mosquitoes.

Size: 2oz / 60ml

Ingredients: Distilled Water Fractionated Coconut Oil Witch Hazel Essential Oils

Organic. Vegan. Chemical Free