Renee Delaney June 5th, 2023

Your Truth is Not Necessarily Mine

Here’s the thing. There are very real things we should be focused on. Regardless of our differences.
Instead, some people come into my life talkin a lot of smack. These people enter as though they have it all figured out and of course - that I don’t. "I" must have done a whole bunch of things wrong, and they are going to make it right.
Their version of right.
With no context and very little experience in MY craft, they are going to tell me how it's done? 

Why Farming is Different.

Farming isn’t like that. Farming is humbling. If anything, you know you DON'T have it all figured out so you choose instead to go about finding the answers. Continually.
There's no judgement what so ever.
And you don't talk  - you listen. You ask questions and you seek to understand the answers.  

Your Committment to Your Community

Add your membership responsibilities to your local geographic area / neighbourhood and you should be very perplexed!
-Not acting as though you’re in total control and know everything. It’s literally the exact opposite.
We need each other in community. 

Assuming that a completely broken “stance” or a completely in control “stance” - are our only ways of being is a mistake. All we are are beings! And all that literally means is focus on what’s in front of you. Not your neighbour or how they are being. Not your co-worker and how messed up they are or how rude they are.
It’s none of your business.

Focus on the task at hand.

There’s a task at hand. For all of us. We are currently facing very uncertain times and our main objective should not be to “comment” on everyone else’s stance. Our main objective to is to take care of business. And our main business right now is to prepare for,
1. What you’ve been told and you know is coming.
2. What you see happening.
3. What you’re going to do about it.

Walking on a GMO field in May 2023

Small Produce Bag
Small Produce Bag

Small Produce Bag


Be a Part of the Solution.

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