Farming in Niagara: Post Covid

“You have to want to give, as much as the others want to take"
- Voice in my head/spirit 

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Spring is tough. There’s a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do them. Every farmer feels the same thing. But not every farmer reacts the same way. Not every farmer believes they can do it.

And that’s a problem.

Next problem? There are not many farmers around. So not everyone understands. Not everyone is put through the inevitable trials that come a farmers way, year after year. Which unfortunately, inevitably means, not everyone will experience the harvest.

An interesting thought to think on really. It makes you wonder, are the trials we face in life - GOOD? Or “Bad”.

Depends how you react.

Recently our strawberries were stolen out of our greenhouse. Picked clean. Overnight. My thoughts have raced back and forth and I can assure you, I am having a hard time seeing this as good.

I wonder about the state of our community. Like the many others I hear from, who are very concerned as well.

The difference between worry and wonder however is action. If you think over and over about who’s right and who’s wrong, how could you ever fix any of it? But when I wonder, what it takes, to resolve WHATEVER issue it is that I am facing, I am assured I will find the answer.

And the strawberries being taken from us is no different.

Sitting back this morning and looking at all we accomplish, fighting through the words of even some of the people who support us, doubting EVERYTHING - I found some more faith.

I’m left with assurances - people are good. They just haven’t had enough experience finding the solution. They haven’t pushed themselves to the limit of what they believed they could handle.

I have. I know what that is. And now I know I have to want to do what’s right, above and beyond the greed and selfishness I see around me.

I have to overcome.

And now I realize the truth.

I am a Farmer.

Locally yours,
Small Scale Farms

    Vegetable Seedlings, Spring 2021

    Renée Delaney is the founder, owner, and operator of Small Scale Farms. Her and “the crew” of approximately 100 strong, grow and distribute 100’s of thousands of pounds of produce throughout the Niagara region and Hamilton, working with various organizations to feed people whether they can afford it or not.