Nelephant Montessori - Medium Plus Produce Bag


Medium: Feeds 2-4 people for a week.

The Medium + Produce Bag is an additional $5 more than our Medium Produce Bag because each week we select a product from one of our vendors with equal or greater value to include with your order.

This produce bag is made up of the most local produce we can source. When in season we will source items from Niagara farmers, however, please note: we are a year-round operation. Therefore, we are forced to put certain items in the bag that are not local due to our growing seasons.

Items you may expect to find in your produce bag include: tomatoes, zucchini, green onions, white potatoes, russet potatoes, onions, spanish onions, red onions, apples, lettuce, kale, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, cabbage, broccoli, beets, parsnips, turnips, celery, garlic, tomatoes.

Contents will vary weekly! Subscribe to the email newsletter at the bottom of this page for a list of what fruits and vegetables are in the bag week to week.  

*Please note, we add in produce that is not local but this will be very limited. For example, if we come across an excess of avocados, we'd like to be able to provide them to you and will add them. Or, we add bananas, because a lot of our subscribers are parents, and the kids enjoy them. And in some cases, we buy them so they can be given out easily to the people who are still without a home in Niagara. 

Our point? We want local more than anyone, and this subscription is us navigating the current food system in real time, to increase our purchasing power, and grow and buy more local food. 

When we purchase from a local food system, the profit stays within our community. We believe this is a great way to unite the various groups within Niagara to both fundraise but also feed. And grow. 

And then grow even more.

This is HOW to make a difference in Niagara. We CAN help each other.

For every bag of produce purchased, Small Scale Farms will donate $5 cash back to Nelephant Montessori to help them purchase necessary classroom supplies or any school upgrades they may need. 

This is a delivery item only. Delivery orders must be submitted by midnight each Saturday in order to be delivered the following week. Please see our delivery schedule here.