Homesteading 101

$60.00 $99.00


    May 4 9am - 11am

    Homesteading is a life style of self-sufficiency and sustainability. It involves everything from growing your own food, to producing your own energy. This is where the course gets a little deeper into the “lifestyle”, and what it means to be both dependent on your community, and independent on your own.

    What you’ll learn: learn to produce and provide all that you need to live. This includes the true basics of cooking from scratch, canning/pressure canning and preserving food, as well as keen insight into what it’s like to actually live the life of a homesteader.  

    Course Delivery Method

    Instructor-led workshops

    Our school consist of face-to-face training sessions to facilitate networking and group dynamics. Instructors will be teaching through experiences whenever possible.

    Please note: Our farm school is an active farming experience. Students will learn through placing themselves in the kitchen and outdoors, on the farm. All classroom, and in person seminars will take Saturday mornings, and online content is additionally provided. Students will take part in what it’s like for us to put together our garden and can simultaneously start their own garden at home. We’re here to help.

    We will also be offering an end of the season series of classes to talk over our experiences from the season. 

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