Land Based Learning: Traditional Ways

$449.00 $549.00

Traditional Ways of Living
Sept 22, 29, Oct 6.

Recognizing and valuing the importance of traditional ways of life (and the skills of the people) enables us to live in harmony with our environment.

What you’ll learn: Compass skills, observation skills, foraging, fire building, archery, hunting, snares, (trapping).

Course Fee:

Each module is being offered individually for $449 per module.

Complete certificate Course - See details here:

Please note: In person classes will take place on Friday evenings and/or Saturdays during the day, beginning Sept 22nd.

Please also note: This is an active farming experience. Students will learn through doing, in kitchens, and/or outdoors, on the farm. Classroom, in person seminars will take place on either Friday evenings or Saturday during the day.