Comfort Farms Small Meat Share Plus Free Socks Free Delivery


Bag Contents:

Ground beef – 1 lbs x 4
Ground pork – 1 lbs x 1
Pork Sausage (salt and pepper) 1 x 1.5 pounds
Bacon – 1 lb x 1 (double smoked, nitrate free, sugar free)
2 Fenwood Farm Drumsticks – 1lb x 2
2 Fenwood Thighs – 1lb x 2

Minimum weight 11 pounds.

Special Offer: Alpaca summer weight socks.

No antibiotics, no hormones, non-gmo livestock feed. 

Disclaimer: Please know that when you are ordering meat this will be delivered with all other products/orders on your area's free delivery day. It is your responsibility to ensure that someone is home and available to receive this delivery of frozen meat.