Children's Archery Classes

$96.00 $120.00

Join us for 3 weeks of archery lessons and help your children improve their physical strength, focus and general wellbeing.

Archery clubs can be a great way to meet new people and socialize, whatever your age, but especially for 8-12 year olds! 

Your children's beginner lessons will include direct training from our head instructor who has been teaching and training survival skills for over 30 years now. His specialties range from urban survival to bush and jungle survival skills. From shelter building to fire making and leaving no trace to animal tracking.

Join Braidy for an hour on the range for the next 3 weeks and learn the basics of archery.


This segment runs Saturday Aug 19, 26 Sept 2 at 10am. Each class is 1 hour. 


13145 Lundy's Lane
Thorold, ON

Please arrive early and park behind the market/Small Scale Farms. Walk to the range via the path along the right/west side of the property. Make sure your children dress for the weather and wear closed toe shoes. 


Classes are typically $40 per class = $120. We are offering a discount for children's bookings for all 3 classes at once / 20% off. 

Total: That's just $96 for 3 weeks!


Once you purchase your spot, you will not receive a confirmation other than your confirmation email noting your purchase. Please arrive for your first class on Aug 19, at 945am.