Give to Grow

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Problem: There are now huge gaps between the haves, and have “nots” and our continual separation is creating illness. 

Solution: Love where you live. 

Every single one of us can have access to healthy, local meals. There is enough if we truly start working together. Give to Grow is a food system, we can each use, to create abundance within our communities.

Steps to Take: Sign up your team. 

Who are you? Provide us with your information and we will create a webpage for you. Then all you have to do is share that page with your friends, asking if they will each “sponsor your team” by feeding forward $5 meals into where they are needed the most in our community.

Summary: Give to Gain is a system, a collaborative food system, that we will continue to build until every single one of us has healthy food in our bellies. Once complete, there will be more than enough for us all.

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_Register your team_

This links to a page that says: Please enter your contact information and we will be in touch with you shortly. Name, Company Name, Phone number, Email 


*What is GIVE TO GROW? *

Give to Grow is a regional, long term food movement focused on increasing accessibility and affordability of local food. 

For as little as $5 dollars a month you will be supporting local food production and distribution. Single moms. Single dads. Addicts. Seniors. The people of Niagara. 

Bottom line: We are all one. And we all need to eat. 

Let’s Feed it Forward

For every $5 contributed, Give to Grow will use Niagara’s existing networks and channels for the distribution of a healthy meal, back into the system. The various channels include our food banks, shelters, churches and group homes, which means for every $5 that comes through our kitchen, we cook a meal for those who need it. This is a system. Organizations who help need help, people who help need help, people who don’t help need help, this feeds them all. And we also feed every single one of our helpers. We support those who work passionately on projects in Niagara and this is how we can work together. This is to help to promote the well being of every single one of our residents. If you help us, we’ll help you. 

If you give, you receive. Simple right?

_I’m ready to register my team_

*How do I get started? *

We are currently approaching organizations within the Niagara region asking but 1 question. Will you help?

We are asking that you create yourself a team. The registration form will ask you the name of your team, (up to 10 people), and how much money you think your team can raise monthly. That amount becomes your goal.  

You will then receive a hyper link to our website, highlighting your team’s objectives which you can then send to your clients or friends and family to help sponsor your team for the Give to Grow initiative.

We help market for you, who your team is to help you reach your goal. Actually, all we want to do is talk about how awesome you are. That’s the point. 

Positivity breeds positivity. 

This simple act not only increases our reach (collaboration) but it also helps you show the community who your team is and why you want to help. You tell us why YOU think this is important. 

Let us PLEASE start the conversation about why healthy food is so important! 

The top 10 teams will be promoted monthly both on our website and through our various social media channels. 

*How much does it cost?*

Team Registration is $275.00 billed annually. This amount is tax deductible as it is being used for advertising purposes. 

This is the only financial obligation your team has. And it helps us promote this movement to others AND helps us feed more people. 

What we are asking you to do is encourage those in your community to sign up and donate monthly to Give to Grow by sponsoring your team. Every $5 contributed feeds someone in our community, and counts towards your team’s efforts. 

*How does the website work? *

Thanks to the work of Niagara’s own Future Access in St Catharines, we are now in the process of creating a custom built website, launching specifically for this Give to Grow campaign. Your team will be one of 25 teams to be highlighted alongside each other as our first community ambassadors willing to help tackle this very serious food security issue we face here in Niagara. Our website will not only allow for the $5 contributions, it will also keep track of how many people in the community are sponsoring your team. This clearly helps those in influential positions, 

*How do I register my team? *

Please enter your contact details under REGISTER MY TEAM and you will be sent more information about how to create your team name and information. We will also require your logo or a team picture that will be displayed under the appropriate “pillar”. 

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When the website launches you will be given the hyperlink which can be shared various ways, explaining who you are and what you are helping us do. Prizes and highlights will be rewarded monthly to our top 10 teams. 

It’s the most perfect, friendly competition. Let’s see who can feed the most people! 

Every month your team will know exactly how many meals you provided and your sponsors can check as well. We just want to encourage you to do your best. 

The idea here remains the same: Imagine if we all just did a little bit… If we all contributed into the same regional food system...