The Red Maple Farm School.

The Red Maple Farm School is an independent, educational system, emphasizing environmental and ecological principles, (and conservation objectives) derived from local cultures and traditions.

Red Maple Farm School offers multiple learning methods including instructor led workshops, eLearning, and blended courses which combine online and traditional training media.

If you are serious about growing your own food, and making a positive impact on your community, this course is for you.

Land based learning

Farm School

The Red Maple Farm school welcomes you to join us for our LAND BASED LEARNING series.

This course was designed to provide the community with the empowerment it needs to inspire more people to become farmers, and grow more food, in the best way possible.

Includes online courses consisting of customized content and activities. Take on as little/as much as your life allows and learn at your own pace.

Instructor Lead:
Consist of face-to-face training sessions to facilitate networking and group dynamics. Instructors will be teaching through their experiences. 

Blended Courses:
A combination of eLearning content, application exercises, discussion board postings, instructor-led face-to-face components, and mentor relationship.

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We’d like to thank so many unique and talented individuals who have contributed into creating our official curriculum.

  It only feels right to also specifically acknowledge Niagara College and Centennial College, for helping to provide the infrastructure and formality necessary to help create a brand new way of doing things.

This in depth journey will take you though the basics of both conventional and small scale farming - with the intent to teach you how to think for yourselves and do the right thing. This course was designed to provide the community with the empowerment it needs to create more farmers, and grow more food, the best way possible.

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