Juice Kit C (Curbside Pickup)


Juicing on a budget!

Contents: 12-14 carrots, 5 apples, 3 lemons, 1-2 organic ginger

Freshly juiced fruit and vegetables have become a staple in many diets – especially those of busy, health-conscious consumers who can save time on making their food without missing out on nutrients.

For a person that incorporates juicing into a healthy diet, the juice can also be a great way to add new types of produce. Many of us have our favourite fruits and vegetables that we eat day to day, but how often to you step outside those routine  foods and try something new?

Plus, juicing is a great way for us to utilize "seconds", so don't be surprised if the produce doesn't look perfect! By introducing this product we have been able to reduce the amount of produce that is otherwise composted due to an unusual shape or blemish.

This item is for curbside pickup only. 

Pickup Times: Wednesday to Saturday from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (please pickup your order within the same week it was ordered)

Location: 13145 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, ON

Please pull into our parking lot and remain in your vehicle if you would like. Beep for service and one of our crew members will come out to verify your order number and then return with your products. They will even load your vehicle for you!

While you are at the farm, feel free to shop from our market stand in front of the food hub. Come see what is on sale this week!