Wednesdays Odds and Ends Sale

$30.00 $44.00

Pick up a mixed odds and ends bag of produce for just $30!  This produce bag has what we need to sell to get ready for our upcoming week's deliveries/orders. The purchase of this bag helps keeps things flexible for us, and convenient for you.

Details: Pull in and park. Stay in your car. Honk your horn if no one sees you. Tell the crew your order number or pay cash but talk to them, and see what produce we have left. We have bags for sale that are worth more than $30 at the average grocery store. You're helping us and we're helping you.

This product is available Wednesdays ONLY.

 Produce must be picked up on Wednesday between 11am-2pm. 13145 Lundy's Lane.

Items included in bag may vary and are subject to change. While quantities last.
What's in the box so far? Bananas, pears, onions, peppers and/or tomatoes, squash, potatoes, asparagus and more **While quantities last.


This curbside order can be picked up at our Farm Hub located at 13145 Lundy's Lane, Thorold between 11am-1pm on WED ONLY. Please pull into our parking lot and remain in your vehicle. Beep for Service and one of our Crew Members will come out for your order number and items, then will load your trunk for you. Please ensure you are picking up within the same week your order was placed.