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Walker Farms A2 1.5L Milk

Taste the A2 Difference

Centuries ago, milk containing only A2 proteins was the “original milk” and it came from cows with A2 genetics. Then, a new A1 gene was naturally introduced to Holstein cows. Over multiple generations, the A1 proteins became commonplace in regular milk. Today, this means that most milk at the grocery store contains both A1 and A2 proteins. Unfortunately, some people have trouble digesting the A1 proteins in milk, and that’s where Walker Farms A2 Protein Milk comes in!

Regular milk in Canada comes from Holstein cows that produce milk that is a mixture of A1 and A2 proteins. The type of milk depends on the cow’s genes, so A1 cows produce A1 milk, and A2 cows produce A2 Protein Milk. Many people struggle to digest regular milk, although few know the real reason – and most people assume they are just lactose intolerant. But what if it wasn’t the lactose?

While a small percentage of the Canadian population is truly lactose intolerant, most people are not. If you do not have lactose intolerance or milk protein allergy, your digestive discomfort may be caused by the A1 proteins in milk! Symptoms can feel like lactose intolerance, and most people experience bloating, gas, and issues with bowel movements.

Walker Farms A2 Protein Milk is different. With a herd of only A2 cows and an on-farm processing facility, we produce, process, and package our own milk to ensure it is naturally free of A1 proteins. Our milk contains only the A2 proteins, which may make it easier on digestion for those who are sensitive to A1 proteins.

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