Vendor Affiliate - Community Shared Agriculture

This is where you place your orders each week. Let us know how many bags you sold and we will charge you accordingly. 

Simply order your $40 produce bags here, just be sure we have your order by Saturday at 9pm for the following week pick up. 

Please arrange pick up time with us for when you can come pick up your food once a week. We are open Thursday-Saturday at our Farm Hub.  

Your customers will then need to be told when your pick up date is at your location, for them to come pick up the produce (ideally weekly) from your store. 

By checking out with your discount code created specifcally for you, you will ensure that $5 from every bag sold is taken off of your order. 

Please note: We wholesale to you, and you then retail the product through your point of sale. Working with us in this way makes sense if you would like to be a pick up location for our food. Both sold bags and free bags are available for this purpose. 

However, if you would like to become an affiliate, we still provide the bag to you for a wholesale price, but you no longer have to deal with sales. Your customers simply receive a link, which directs your customers to our website, but we can track their purchase back to you. We then pay you the $5 wholesale/retail difference. 

If you would like to know more about our affiliate program, please email