Smoked Country Ham

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Kent Heritage Farms

Smoked, Bone in Ham

Salt water brine, authentically smoked, no sweeteners. 

8 lbs (size may vary slightly).

*Limited quantities available 

Kent hams are brined and smoked in a traditional smokehouse. The smoking process gives their hams tremendous depth of flavor & also cooks the ham, making it one of the easiest holiday meats you will ever prepare.  Because our hams are already cooked by the smoking process, all you need to do, essentially, is reheat them.  The best way and easiest way to work with our hams is to carve them before reheating.  First remove the netting (used to handle the ham in its brine), trim off the excess fat, and cut off large pieces.  From the large pieces, cut your slices, as thick or a thin as you like.  We recommend saving the bone to make ham soup or chowder. Smaller pieces are great for dicing up for omelettes, in pasta dishes, on pizza, in casseroles or to add to your ham soup. Place the slices in a baking dish and add a little flavored liquid (pineapple juice, brown sugar & water, honey & bourbon, whatever you prefer). Cover your ham & warm it in a preheated  325 degree oven for approximately 30 minutes. Because it is already cooked, you can check it just to make sure it's warmed to your liking.  It's that easy:)  


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