Ready-to-Eat Lunch Meat Box — Save 20%

$133.70 $160.88

This box of ready-to-eat lunch meats gives you a nice selection, all made from our certified organic pork.  You can eat any of them as-is, or heat them up anytime for a quick and easy meal.  By ordering these meats all together, we’re able to give you a 20% volume discount, so you’ll save $32.18.

Here’s what’s included:

Order a naturally-raised organic butcher's box of mixed meats online and receive a quantity discount on beef, chicken, pork, bacon, and sausages.

You’ll get 12.6 pounds of all-natural organic lunch meats, ready-to-eat, at a 20% savings for club card members. If you purchased all these cuts separately, they would add up to $160.88, and we’re giving them to you for $32.18 off.

Shipped frozen to your door.

Price: $128.70