Prepared Meals - Go Fitness Niagara


Our prepared meals are made by local restaurants, banquet halls, churches and community groups. Not only are those cooking the meals paid for their work, so are the farmers and bakeries etc who we purchase the products from. Small Scale Farms is also supported by this sale - profit is a good thing! Increasing our purchasing power is exactly what we need to do to help support even more farmers, to grow even more food locally.

Support your local team today by sponsoring as many meals as you’d like and we will get them into the hands of those who need them the most.


Typical meal examples: Chilli, Irish Stew, Salads, Jambalaya, Soups, Cabbage Roll Casserole. This is a great way to also save on food waste, as our imperfect produce will now be utilized best for healthy, nutritious meals!

Please note: These meals will be provided to various community groups around the region. If your team is a social enterprise of any kind, they can apply to be a recipient of these meals so they can help us distribute them throughout Niagara and Hamilton areas to start.