Mushroom Workshop Bundle

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This is a series of 3 workshops designed to get the beginner mushroom enthusiast better acquainted with all things Fungi! Join us as we welcome The Promistery's Colin Mills to teach and share with us everything he's learned to date about working and living with Mushrooms. 

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Location - Small Scale Farms - 13145 Lundy's Lane
Approximate length 2-3 hours
Workshops to take place on the following dates: 

Workshop #1 - Mushrooms 101
Sept 17 - 10am

It's a fungal world and we're just living in it. This workshop will give you a bird's eye view on the world of fungi and you'll leave blown away with how these organisms pervade all aspects of our lives.

We start with the basics, introducing you to mushroom terminology, the life cycle of mushrooms while putting into context their role in ecosystems. We will then zoom out, touching in fungal superpowers and all the ways they are transforming human culture and industry. We will end with an overview of hot topics like medicinal mushrooms, psychedelics and touch on the basics of mushroom cultivation for those interested growing their own food and medicine at home.


Workshop #2 - Medicinal Mushrooms
October 15 - 10am

This workshop will take a deep dive into the most popular medicinal mushrooms on the market, including Chaga, Lions Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and more. You'll get a comprehensive understanding of how each interact with our bodies and improve our immune systems, as well as the best practices on how to integrate them into your life.

We will demystify mushroom vs. mycelium products to allow you to be a more informed consumer. We will also discuss historical and cultural uses of mushroom as medicine, and touch on processing techniques to create your own mushroom medicine. Reishi tinctures will be available at a discounted price.


Workshop #3 Psychedelic Mushrooms and Mental Health
Oct 22 - 10am

Psychedelic medicine is revolutionizing the world of mental health and healing the real epidemic by providing people with the key to understanding the root of their suffering. Studies have shown in a therapeutic setting as little as 3 treatments can eradicate depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD and mush more.

In this workshop we will remove the stigma and taboo surrounding these medicines, with focus on psilocybin mushrooms. We will cover the latesr scientific studies to provide an understanding of their effects on our minds and bodies and where current research is heading.

We will then leave the intellect and explore the soul, going deeper to give context of the role psychedelics have played in human culture and evolution.

Join us, and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look, and you'll see into your imagination.

We will also discuss microdosing vs. macrodosing and discuss anecdotal experience of these transformational medicines.

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