MIXED Meat OFFER Comfort Farms

$89.00 $120.00

We have some incredible local farmers selling their meat through our store, in the hopes of reaching you, our supportive, kind, caring customers. 

Bob and Leslie Comfort are like family. Always helping educate and advise their customers, providing us all with valuable insight into the world of meat. Now to return the favour we've come up with a very good price for their mixed meat box, with a great mix of meat packages valued at well over $120: Now just $89. 

Please note there is no club card offering on this deal as we are trying to make this affordable for everyone. 

Your box includes: 

2 - 1lb Comfort Ground Beef
3 - 1lb Comfort ground pork, or pork chops, or shoulder chops
1 pack double smoked Comfort pasture raised heritage pork bacon
2 packs of organic (Fernwood) chicken drumsticks, 4 per package
1 packs of organic (Fernwood) thighs, 2 thighs per package
1 package of organic (Fernwood) chicken bone in breast, 1 piece. 

Please note: Contents may vary. Minimum box weight will always be 10 pounds - which is literally a better deal than the grocery store at this point. If any substitutions need to be made, Leslie will always give you the greater value.

This is all drug free, antibiotic free, no hormones added, non gmo fed meat for an incredible price! Delivered FOR FREE.