Lions Mane Mushrooms (4oz)


Free delivery item: Locally grown, Lion’s mane is primarily known for its brain-boosting and brain-protective properties, but it's also a absolutely delicious! Lion’s Mane mushrooms are tender, with a mild, sweet, flavour.

We call them the gateway mushroom, because they are so mild and approachable, even for children. And if someone thinks they don't like mushrooms because of texture, this mushroom fries or BBQs up like a steak, or you can tease it apart and use it like a pulled pork in a sandwich.

It's also gourmet, simply diced up, and pan fried with salt and pepper. Be generous with oil, or butter, or bacon fat, and make sure you get some browning and caramelization.

Lions Mane Recipes blowing up the internet: Lion's Mane "Crab Cakes" Lions Mane Steak Lions Mane Crispy "Chicken" Sandwich Lions Mane Pulled "Pork"

Farm: Fresh Niagara Mushrooms

Portion size: 4oz