From the Thicket - Bat Box


This vented three chamber bat house is built with Canadian cedar sides and roof, fir plywood front and exterior and spruce plywood interior. The front exterior is finished with exterior grade black paint to help absorb sunlight for additional heat. All exposed wood is sealed with teak oil and spar varnish for protection from the elements. In a nutshell, this bat house is built to last a long time.

The stylish sleek design of this bat house will complement the outside of any home. Each house can hold upwards of 400 bats and considering one bat can eat up to 8,000 mosquito-sized insects a night, that's a lot of flying pest control!!

18" wide x 27" tall x 5.5" deep


Please allow a minimum of one week turn around time, as these are made to order. After ordering please email us at so that we can coordinate this custom build with From the Thicket.