Freshly Pressed Apple Cider


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Hot off the press! 

This cider is delicious, and as fresh as you can possibly get. Huge thank you to Ben from Pie in the Sky for making this available to us all. 

**Apple cider is made from apples that are washed, cut and ground into an "apple mash" similar to applesauce. The mash is then pressed into fresh juice. Cider is raw apple juice that has not undergone a filtration process to remove coarse particles of pulp or sediment.

On the other hand, apple juice undergoes filtration to remove pulp and is then pasteurized to extend the shelf life. Vacuum sealing and additional filtering help it stay fresh even longer.

Apple juice can sit unopened in your cabinet for months, but apple cider is perishable and should be refrigerated.

Product details: 2L bottle of pasteurized apple cider.