Farm Share Niagara Produce Box - Small


One for One - For every subscription Produce box purchased, we give away a bag of food to someone within our community. 

Limited Time Offer: 

New subscription customers receive a signature chicken meat sample (3 items) from Kent Heritage Farms. Orders placed by Saturday will receive their meat box with the following week's delivery.

Small feeds 1-2 people per week. This is a brown grocery bag, full of produce for a one time purchase, or if you subscribe, you receive our beautifully hand crafted crate sent to your house with different produce in it, each week. Simply leave your empty one at your door for us on your delivery date, and we will swap it for a full one.

Depends where we are at in the season as to what is available/will be in your box. 

Current vegetables available from local growers/suppliers: Tomatoes, green onions, white potatoes, russet potatoes, onions, spanish onions, red onions, apples, lettuce, kale, mushrooms, green beans, carrots, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, beets, parsnips, turnips,  garlic, squash.

*Please note, we may add in produce that is not local but this will be as limited as possible given the seasonal availability. 

Please also note that this product is available for either curbside pickup or delivery. Please ensure you click "subscribe" if you would like your produce to be delivered automatically weekly. Subscriptions are delivery only.

If you choose curbside pickup, produce can be picked up at our Farm Hub located at 13145 Lundy's Lane, Thorold between 11:00-2:00pm Thursday to Saturday. On site we also have honey, coffee, and eggs available for curbside pickup. On the home page of our website we have a curbside only button that takes you to what is available for curbside pick up. 

Please pull into our parking lot and remain in your vehicle. Beep for Service and one of our Crew Members will come out for your order number and load your trunk for you. Please ensure you are picking up within the same week your order was placed.  

If you choose delivery all orders must be submitted by midnight each Saturday in order to be delivered the following week. Please see our delivery schedule here.