The Homesteader

$190.00 $220.00

Bag Contents:

The weights are average of the individual pieces. 

8 - 11 lbs. whole chicken
3- 4.5 lbs. pork shoulder roast
2-3.5 lbs. pork spareribs
3-4.5 lbs. blade or short rib beef roast
2-4 lbs. beef braising ribs
1-3 lbs. beef shank
2-3 pork fat

Each package is guaranteed a minimum of 30 lbs total weight.

No antibiotics, no hormones, non-gmo livestock feed. 

This is a delivery item only. Delivery orders must be submitted by midnight each Saturday in order to be delivered the following week. Please see our delivery schedule here.

Disclaimer: Please know that when you are ordering meat this will be delivered with all other products/orders on your area's assigned day. Please ensure that someone is home and available to receive this delivery of frozen meat.