Box #1 - This Week's Power Play

$299.99 $340.00

Farmer Direct Meats is proud to source the highest quality meat through farmers local to Ottawa and valley region, who raise their livestock in the most natural ways. By having the advantage of owning the livestock and abattoir, all products are non-gmo, and completely free of antibiotics, hormones, drugs and fillers.

The Power Play is packed with high end options that will give you the opportunity to experience fine dining quality within the comfort of your own home. 

Box Contents:

4 Beef Tenderloin

4 Wagyu Fillets

4 Chicken Breast

16 Sausages

2lbs of Ground Beef

4 New York Strip

This is a delivery item only. Delivery orders must be submitted by midnight each Saturday in order to be delivered the following week. Please see our delivery schedule here.

Disclaimer: Please know that when you are ordering meat this will be delivered with all other products/orders on your area's assigned day. Please ensure that someone is home and available to receive this delivery of frozen meat.