1 Kg Rolled Oats


At LoonSong we have been practicing high quality gardening and farming since 2003, growing nourishing foods and cultivating vibrant community connections in and for the region around us.  After offering a wide range of vegetables and fruits through CSA and market garden for 8 years, we now have spent over 10 years growing oats, spelt, wheat, and rye using organic and Biodynamic practices and milling the grains with care, into stone-ground flours and rolled oats.  The flavour and freshness of our rolled oats are unique and delicious and will bring you back for more!

In 2017 LoonSong migrated from Manitoulin Island to Northumberland County in southeastern Ontario. Our crops are all planted in the hills of Northumberland and Peterborough area, between Rice Lake and Lake Ontario.  We are inspired by the growing community connections, people, landscape, and farmland we are finding in this region.