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Craig Adams, Farmer - Fresh Niagara Mushrooms.

Through Fresh Niagara Mushrooms, Craig emphasizes the value of local, eco-conscious agriculture. He employs innovative methods and sustainable practices to cultivate high-quality, nutritious mushrooms for local consumers and discerning chefs. His approach not only provides a fresh, local alternative to imported goods but also raises awareness about the importance of supporting regional food systems.Craig's dedication goes beyond his business ventures. He actively engages with the community by sharing knowledge about sustainable food production and the nutritional benefits of mushrooms. His work is not merely about providing sustenance; it's about fostering a healthier, more sustainable relationship between individuals and the environment. If you're eager to engage Craig in conversation, inquire about Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF), the intricate communication network between plants and the soil.

Renee Delaney - Small Scale Farms

Renee, the driving force behind Small Scale Farms, embodies the values espoused by the "MushFest" ethos. Her dedication to building community resilience through sustainable food practices aligns with the festival's themes of regenerative agriculture and community empowerment. As the founder, owner, and operator, Renee has transformed Small Scale Farms into a beacon of local food security in the Niagara region, ensuring that healthy food is accessible and affordable for all. Through collaborations with diverse community groups, her initiative has distributed hundreds of thousands of pounds of produce to those in need, regardless of their financial situation. Renee's journey from personal struggle to community leadership exemplifies her unwavering commitment to the well-being of both the land and its people, showcasing the transformative power of local, sustainable farming and collective action.

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Gord Parker - Land Based Learning

Gord Parker, a seasoned biologist with an impressive track record in wildlife conservation and management, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team, especially at MushFest. His extensive experience working with organizations such as Wildlife Acoustics has honed his skills in environmental science and research. Gord's unwavering dedication to furthering our understanding of wildlife ecology and championing effective conservation strategies makes him an invaluable asset, particularly for the annual MushFest event. His expertise in wildlife conservation and management allows him to contribute significantly to the festival's educational and outreach programs, ensuring that attendees gain valuable insights into the fascinating world of mushrooms and their ecological significance.

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