Mushfest 2024 

"This year is all about bats, bees, mushrooms & farming"   Mushfest 2024

Join us July 20th, from 12-6pm

What is MUSHFEST? Passionate speakers, amazing food, great vendors, live music, self guided farm tours and an opportunity to celebrate community. We work together to create the change we all want to see: support local sustainable agriculture and a healthy biosphere.

MushFest aims to support local sustainable agriculture and a healthy biosphere. Join us and we will all reap the benefits!

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Become a Vendor

You are welcome here. Join us for a day filled with adventure and opportunity.


Get involved

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with a passionate audience and make a lasting impact in the community. Join us at MushFest 2024 and be a part of something truly special.

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Meet Our Team

Renee Delaney, the owner of Small Scale Farms, has been a pivotal figure in the local farming community for over 10 years. Her innovative farm share community provides local produce, to both those who can afford to pay, and those who can not.

Small Scale Farms

Gord Parker is a biologist with extensive experience in wildlife conservation and management. His work promotes effective conservation strategies and a deeper understanding of wildlife ecology.

Land Based Learning

Craig Adams is a local mushroom farmer whose passion for mycology and healthy soil has made him a key figure in the local farming community. Craig is a reputed primary producer and distributor of fresh, dried and cultured mushrooms.

Niagara Fresh Mushrooms


We are very easy to find. You can google Small Scale Farms to learn more about us - we are located on Highway 20 in Thorold. 13145 Lundy's Lane.

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