Small Scale Farms + Harvest Barn = Better Together

I am about to ask you to offer up 3 things that YOU think, you don’t currently have enough of. 

1. Love.
At a time when humanity is at its darkest, and you are feeling as though no one is worth fighting for, I am asking you to care.

2. Time.
At a time when you can’t keep up with your to do list, and your schedule is more than just full. I am asking you to give your time. 

3. Money.
At a time when you are uncertain of the future and are watching every penny -  I am asking you to spend your money.  

You think, I need these things. You question, why can’t somebody give ME these things? How do I get these things? Well. It’s really quite simple isn’t it. So simple we may have missed it. If you don’t like what you are getting, change what you are giving. 

How does it work?

So how does this work?
1. You buy a $10 thousand dollar gift card at the Harvest Barn and by doing so, you immediately contribute capital to establish an affordable local food network for the Niagara region.

2. We provide quality affordable products, most of which you can’t even find at a grocery store.

3. We provide the infrastructure though which we can all buy and sell local goods, with a social enterprise spin, to directly impact the community we live within.

4. We give you an extra $1000 to spend. That’s a ten percent return on investment, just on its own.

5. We give you 10% off all of our products. That's another 10% return. And at a time when grocery prices are soaring - 10% off is a big deal.

6. We give you special offers, incredible door crasher deals and we provide hands on workshops to help you learn even more.

7. We keep produce from being thrown out. We offer competitively priced meals made with produce that is “ugly”.

8. We help farmers, by providing a local food hub through which they can sell their produce for a fair price.

9. We deliver or you can shop in person.

10. We offer fresh produce, to those who need it the most. Whether they can afford it or not.