Renee Delaney was born and raised in Niagara. As a single mother facing poverty she began to act proactively, first proving to herself that true preventative health care, begins with food. In 2014 she grew her first heirloom tomato, which inevitably lead to the creation of a non profit organization called the Niagara Farm Project. From this point on she knew anything was possible, and continued to design a food system that not only increases the availability of local food, but also the affordability. Now, 5 years later, she has turned that non profit into a social enterprise called Small Scale Farms, which not only supports her and her family, but also feeds healthy, home cooked meals to over 30 volunteers per week (and many more who can't afford to pay).

Now, with the Food Program fully established, Renee will be taking the next step in local food distribution with a brand new collaboration initiative called Give to Grow. This program will use existing channels, including schools, churches, food banks and shelters, to distribute homemade healthy meals to. Local businesses are now considered "teams" each asking their clients to sponsor them, effectively raising money to feed the community together, for just $5 a meal.

our impact

We have been sowing seeds into Niagara soil for the last 7 years. Each year that has passed we have learned how to grow even more. As we grew we figured out how to cook as much as we could, often 1000-1500 meals in one day...

Now it's time to rebuild our community from the ground up and we know how. And now, we can replicate our model to provide a multi-farmer FARM SHARE to Niagara residents.

Those who can afford to pay - do. Those who can't afford to pay, well, our "profits" take care of them too.