Food Program

one for me, one for you

We are so excited to announce that after over a year and a half of hard work, the Food Program has really come together, and not only do we have a solid group of people in our kitchen, helping cook, prepare, package and clean, we also have an amazing amount of support from you Niagara.

Thank you!

When you contribute in some way to our organization, we can feed more people healthy food.

How? We work with many forms of currency. Some have time, some have money, some have skill, some have heart… some just simply need help. But we all need to eat.

All we’ve needed is a better system. And that system is local food. This food program was designed to allow space for everyone to be able to contribute, how and when they can. And with us, once you’ve fed your own family food grown and prepared locally, you’ve just inevitably now helped feed those who can’t afford to eat this way. All through distribution channels that already exist, ie charities/social enterprises, food banks, shelters and group homes. 

Healthy food. To be clear. We aren’t just “making sure the needy eat”. We are feeding everyone. And we don’t want to feed others, who don’t have enough to eat, whatever it is we have left over in our cupboards. Around here everybody eats the same food.

This is about creating how we can do this best, without sacrificing the environment. And honestly? The people who need this food?, They actually need it to be healthy. There are no excuses.

Food is medicine.

Make no mistake. Local is the answer. 

Meal Solutions

Distribution Channel #1
We cook for you. From our gardens and partnered small scale farms. We provide healthy meals you can trust, and through this process we can help increase demand for local food.

Feed a Family

Distribution Channel #2
Collaborative, regional wide distribution channel for LOCAL FOOD. 

$5 Meals Feed it Forward
Seasonal Dinner: Sept 28th, 2019 at Holy Trinity Church in Welland.

Farm Share Niagara

Distribution channel #3.
Fresh vegetables. Out of approximately half a million people who live here, how many of you are buying a veggie box from farmers in Niagara? We can help.

Meal Solutions

Our next 3 week segment starts Monday, Sept 9, 2019.

You pick up your meals every week for 3 Mondays.