It has to start somewhere
It has to start sometime

What better place than here?

What better time than now?

What is Farm Share Niagara?

  • Partnership with multiple local farmers. 

  • Weekly distribution of fresh produce.

  • Naturally raised meat boxes, with bulk savings. 

  • Local essentials, ie assortments including bread, eggs, and prepared food packages, will also soon be available, at affordable prices. 


Prepared Meals

Healthy options provide for healthy choices.

Weekly Local Vegetables

Partners in Sustainability

Natural Meat Boxes

Bob and Leslie are the first names of your farmers.

We are looking for just 50 people who will join our VEGETABLE BOX farm share.

That’s just 0.01% of the population of the entire Niagara Region, in 2019, that we hope to convince to support local farmers through farm shares. 

It’s time to dream bigger Niagara, let’s grow together.


Subscriptions available.

2 sizes. Small and Regular.

We go by weight and also by what’s available.

Options include beef, pork and chicken.

Orders renew monthly, and we recommend you give us a try for at least 6 months but you’re certainly not bound to any obligation.

This isn’t about any of that. This is about local food production, and local food distribution.

**Details coming soon. Check back for launch date. 

Monthly subscriptions will be made available shortly

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How do I join the Vegetable Farm Share

We are hoping for a minimum of 50 participants this season to join our Farm Share Niagara Vegetable Share.

We have changed the commitment to just 3 weeks to encourage you to try! Each week for 3 weeks you will receive a box of sustainably grown local vegetables.

Each box feeds 2-4 people.

Please always remember, our vegetables are being grown with love. Your support of our initiatives is helping to feed more than just your own families, and the families of others, but it is also helping to feed our spirits, we are learning and growing so much. The community that surrounds us actually enjoys helping and simply wants to make a difference. 

It is also true that each one of us here believes that everyone deserves to eat healthy. No matter how economically diverse we might be, we can make it the kind of world we want to see for ourselves.


Through the growing and purchasing of local food.

To us it just makes sense. 


To sign up now, please go to the I WILL BUY LOCAL VEGETABLES button above, on this page, Farm Share Niagara. 


How do i join the meat farm share

We are going back to the good ole days where you once again know the name of your farmer and you pick up what meat there is to provide each month.

And we are so thankful Bob and Leslie Comfort agreed to do it!! Not all farmers want to open up their lives like this but the ones who believe do! 

Welcome to Farm Share Niagara: Meat Share

SMALL SHARE: For those who often eat meals without meat in them but still want naturally raised meat from a local farmer from time to time, this is your share.

MEDIUM SHARE: If you are more of a regular meat eater, this is more your style. For now this will be our largest box and we will wait to hear feed back if a larger box is needed. This “box” includes a minimum of 20 cuts, of various meat, and choice’s are available through our online store. Please click Learn more under the Meat box image above on this page, Farm Share Niagara.

Pickup: Pickup happens once a month from the farm. Details are provided upon registration.

Please note If you are hoping to get 1 of the 10 spots for this meat program, your best bet is to email us at We are also happy to talk out any questions you may have, and can be reached at 1-844-SOW-SEED (769-7333). 

How can i join the food program

As well as our regular Food program, shortly we will be offering both seniors portions, and essential items weekly like, eggs, bread, bone broths and salads. 
To learn more about our Food Program, please visit our Food Program page. 

Who are the farmers

To start, and for some time now, we have purchased all of our meat from Comfort Meats. We are thrilled to be able to bring you all now, the same meat. We know you will love it as much as we do. 
From Loonsong Farms we have purchased some of our grains and are also going to be distributing their organic spelt flour, and organic oats. Our own vegetables out of our own gardens have been providing us with food for our food program in the warmer months, and our bees have provided us with plenty of honey.
This past winter we were extremely fortunate to link up with the Boyle Bros, micro-green “kings” of Niagara who each vowed to never throw out another micro-green again. There are ways we can account for the “unbought” produce. It will always remain but it’s what we do with it that matters. 
Either way, now we have greens. 

Next worthy mention is Trevor, a long time crew member, and a man passionate about permaculture and growing things naturally. Trevor then met Ed, a farmer I’ve earned a tremendous amount of respect for, the more I’ve gotten to know him. And so now? Well now they are both working together growing vegetables for you all, from Lundy’s Farm Market in Thorold. Their goal afterall, is the same as ours, they want to help bring you all this, healthy, local food. 

Farm Share Niagara is a Local Food Network. It’s design is to help improve local food distribution. From our small scale farmers, who care about the land we live on and want what’s best for us all. 

Affordable access, to local food. 

Will there be delivery

If there is enough interest, we will add delivery. Please contact us to let us know. 
Pick up location for meat will be emailed to you upon registration.Vegetable pick up is once a week from Allanburg Community Centre in Thorold. More details also provided upon registration.


when does it start and end

We are starting our first 3 week segment July 15th and we will run through to the end of the season, (3 weeks at a time). Please check in with us if you have any questions.