Support Your Local Farmers & Sustainable Agriculture

There’s a solution to our poverty issues in Niagara and it’s called local food distribution. Niagara has one of, if not the most IDEAL growing conditions in all of Canada and there is not even one good enough reason as to why we are not growing and producing more local, healthy food. 

Currently we are gathering information on all of our current farmers within the region and surrounding areas, to help not only increase awareness through marketing help, but also to prove a point.

Growing food locally creates profoundly positive, economic and social impact.  



Gardens: We currently have gardens going in or already established Grimsby, Welland, Thorold, NOTL and West Lincoln. If you’d like to get involved please email us letting us know which municipality is closest to you.

Food Program: We cook out of Allanburg Community Centre on Monday’s in Thorold. The address is 1560 Falls Street.