Food fed Forward Community Groups - Bulk Boxes

Thank you for caring. 

We hope this bag helps to feed the people in your community, and we appreciate being able to help you in this way. 

We feel this is us doing our part to provide more local food for the residents of Niagara. 

Our offer is this: For every online subscription paying customer we have, we will pay forward another bag of food, into our community. 

Each of the satellite locations the food is then distributed to, (your organization) simply helps us to make it happen and reach the people in the community who need this food. 

It is through you, who is already there helping, food can become more accessible. We simply aim to strengthen those relationships and offer our support. 

How it Works: 

You may order up to 2 bulk boxes of produce each week using your discount code specific to you and your group. Please select one of the six options, being Thursday, Friday or Saturday Apples, and/or Thursday, Friday or Saturday Bananas. This way we can stay on top of which day your boxes are required for and what kind. 1 bulk box equals approximately 7-10 bags. At times the type of produce ordered can be subject to change based on availability.

Please place the order by Saturday night at 9pm for the coming week

Arranging Pick Up: Our Hub is 13145 Lundy’s Lane. Once a week, we will arrange a time for pick up of your produce bags. 

Delivery: We don’t prefer this but if you can’t arrange pick up of your produce bags, we may be able to arrange delivery. We would like to be able pay those who drive for us however so we’d have to work out a set fee. Please inquire. 

Additional Orders: 
We encourage those who can afford to pay, to support our network. Once you have added the FFF produce bag to your cart you are able to browse our other products including our small or medium size produce bags. These bags are how we are able to donate to you in the first place, as we have worked out a system specific to this methodology, that makes a lot of sense. 

In other words? We simply help each other. 

Still have questions? Send us an email and we’d be happy to help.