Thank you for all you do or have done or ever will do for Small Scale Farms. This crew bag is a thank you for being you. 

Please now order your bag from us once a week using your discount code at checkout, so we can better keep track of everything online. Automation is our new best friend - we have literally gotten a big chunk of our system figured out now. And it feels great. 
You can select a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday bag in the drop down, based on the day you are able to pick up OR if you require delivery, please select the delivery bag, so that you can recieve it on your municipalities designated day. See more here. Please note that there is a fee for delivery. Read below. 

Please enjoy this food. You deserve it. 

Just be sure to order it by Saturday at 9pm for your order to be processed for the following week.

Delivery is now entirely paid positions at Small Scale Farms. 
We can offer you pick up or delivery for a fee. But for those of you who’s money is tight, we get it, just message us and we will see what we can do. 
Email for any questions.